Sunset Dachshunds
Happy Homes
We love it that our pups go to such wonderful and loving homes.
We especially appreciate our new Sunset Dachshund families keeping us updated on their dogs.
Thanks to all of you who keep in touch and let us watch your puppy grow into happy adults.
Here are some of the pictures you've shared with us.

Many of our parent dogs and pups have been featured on a variety of calendars and appointment books, and
now another one of the pups is on her way to becoming a super-model. Sugar's proud mom, Kimberly,
emailed me the link to G.W. Little catalog and we weren't surprised to see Sugar's beautiful face is gracing
the cover, as well as some really adorable pictures inside. You can see a couple of her pictures on this page.
We're proud of you, Sugar!
This pretty girl is Emma, and although she lives  in
L.A., where it's nice and warm, she apparently
enjoys showing off her outerwear for the camera.
Emma is spoiled by Stephanie and Brian.
Doug lives in Sacramento, but he gets to take
frequent trips to the beach - which he
obviously enjoys. He and his sister Molli are
loved by Jenn.
Suli is lucky to have
two very active
moms who take her
for fun hikes and
transportation when
she gets tired.
Thanks to Pam and
Becky from Mancos
for giving Suli a great
home and letting her
be Roz's little sis.
Come on, Zoey. Show us
those pearly whites.
Sugar has found a warm and wonderful home with
Kimberly in California. It's nice to know that even a
super-model has time to relax once in a while (See some of
Sugar's catalog shots further down the page).
When people say Dachshunds are
smart, they aren't kidding!
Wait a minute.
Isn't the
purpose of
taking your
dog for a walk
is so that
THEY can get
Buzz, Moose and Emmy having a great time
at Waggin' Tails Doggie Day Care in
Stacey is a student in Fort Collins, and she just
had to have little Cooper. Now she stuggles to get
her work done while he is trying to chew on her
highlighter. Somehow, though, I don't think she
really minds all that much or he wouldn't have that
spot on her lap. Thanks Stacey - study hard!
And here is Cooper all grown up and celebrating his first
birthday with his best friend, who is not a canine. Still the two
have similar habits. Stacey says "all they do is play, play,
play and then sleep, sleep, sleep." Cooper also has a
grandmother that knits him sweaters. Among his favorite are a
CSU Rams and a Thanksgiving sweater.
Go Rams! Eat Turkey! What a life.
Pearl and Nugget are celebrating their third
birthday with the new addition
to their family.
They probably love that new baby smell.
I may not like baths, but this is
Just because it's called a "cat nap"
doesn't mean dogs can't master it.
Trouble? It's my middle name....
..but I'm an angel when I'm asleep.
Libby as a cute baby
Well, we can't just sit around being cute all
the time. Mischief is fun too!
Dachshunds don't know they're little -
they can hang with the big guys.
Ever seen a cuter present?
Here's Suli - ruler of the world!
Well, maybe not the whole world - it's kinda big!!
Party time or vacation time?
You name it, I'm ready!
Hey folks! Think we can get me a longer bed? Or
at least a pillow?
Hey - don't you guys know who the
top dog around here is? I should be
getting the first drink.
Moe is currently earning his keep at Kathleen and
Kevin's house by working as a dishwasher.
Charlie went to live in Grand Junction with Sharon and
Tom, and likes to keep Maggie company.....
..and it looks like he might also be the spoiled
baby of the family.
These are the Kelly kids meeting their new pup,
Tweenie, for the first time.
Tweenie didn't waste any time making herself at home
with her new mom, Jill. They live in Endlewood, and
Tweenie gets to go to work with Jill. I wonder if
Tweenie earns enough at work to buy her own treats?
Maddie Grae lives in Colorado Springs with
Peggy and Dale, and we got this update about
her on her first birthday: beautiful and
lovable, loves tug-of-war, chasing balls and
car rides, "growl talks" to express her needs,
loves the grandkids until they're too rowdy,
and enjoys rough play with the cat. Wonder
how the cat feels about that?
Sometimes fun comes in twos - it's hard to
stop at just one Dachshund. Billy the Kid
and Lucy are brother and sister that know
how to keep stylishly warm.
Cooper isn't too thrilled with baby Nicolas pulling
on his ears.....
...but luckily is the forgiving type. Their
mom, Crystal, says the two "brothers" are
wild about each other. I always feel sorry
for children who don't have a loving dog in
their life as they grow.
nothing like
having a best
friend to be
close to.
The All-American Hot Dog - do you
like yours with ketchup....
...or do you prefer a mustard dog? I
think both are wonderful
Chloe's new mom, Heather, says
Chloe is only 7 pounds full-grown,
but she is "full of love" - at least,
when she's not raising hell with her
roommate's dog. Hard to believe
Chloe could cause any trouble by
looking at her angelic face!
Handsome wire hair Spencer went to live in
California a while back, and now he has to put up
with little sister Elfie's adoring kisses - or are
those bites?!
This is Gracie and Riley 2 on their car trip from
Colorado to their new homes in California. Thanks to
Cheryl and Gene for coming out to pick up their
Gracie and letting Riley 2 hitch a ride back with them.
I'm not sure what Spence wants when he gives
you this look, but I think you'd better give
it to him. Now.
I received these pictures on the same
day from two families with two
brothers. This is Atticus who lives
with Jen and John in Denver....
.. and this is Toby, who resides
with the Joy family in Grand
Junction. A very handsome pair
of brothers, don't you think
Sugar is on her way to being a world-class
model. Her proud mom emailed me the link to
G.W. Little catalog ( and
there is Sugar's beautiful face gracing the
cover.... well as some really cute pictures inside.
I hope I'm not violating any copywrite laws
by printing these. Maybe I should check
with Sugar's agent!!
Rusty is happy in the arms of his new mom and
dad, Becky and Bobby, who manage the local KOA
campground. He is the official campground mascot,
and Becky and Bobbie are our pet sitters.
Utter contentment on Rusty's face
- a loving home and a yummy chew
Attack of the
crazy ear
monster!!! Oh
wait - that's just
Tank slobbering
on a cute little
boy's face. No
Amy has gotten a pup from us, and she
came to visit and check out the pup her
mom is going to get. Amy and Marvin hit
it off right away, and he is now
stealing hearts in Texas.
Here's Rowdy Boy Blue not exactly
living up to his name. Nap, anyone?
Rowdy lives in Montrose with
Jolene and Jason.
Could you please pass me the remote?
I'm in the mood to watch a little telly.
Frankie lives with Andrea
in Fort Collins, and on a
recent park outing decided
to try and chase this big
dog away. The dog
apparently decided
Frankie wasn't much of a
threat and refused to tuck
tail and run, so Frankie
just decided to sniff and
The puppy getting squished (in a loving way)
by one of her new big brothers is Delila. This
picture was taken on the day the Matticks
family met her in Grand Junction and took her
home to live with them.
Here's cute little Rusty in his new
home, playing with the cat toy....
..and here he is sleeping with the cat.
Brotherly love - what a wonderful thing.
Little Bit Libby is seen here surveying the
lawn of her new home with the Williams
family in Gunnison. Apparently she
decides it's a bit wild....
...and offers to pitch in with some yard work.
You gotta love that Dachshund spirit
AAhhh. I could spend all day looking at this
"Bones R Us" website. That one looks so tasty!
Here is Harry the handsome hound, who won a 2nd place ribbon
in a toy pick-up contest at the tender age of 10 weeks old. Harry
lives with proud parents Tracey and Ted in Cedaredge, Co.
AAhhh. Nothing like spending a little time
meditating in the garden on a nice day,
thinking of important questions like "when is
my next treat coming?".
While this looks like a young one snuggling
up to mom, it's actually Rusty and his big
brother, Rowdy. Not sure what he's doing,
and not sure we want to know. Whatever it
is, Rowdy seems to be enjoying it.
Charlie Boy just turned a year old and
has developed into a very handsome and
strong dachshund.  What a wonderful
chest he has, with a big heart to match.
And this cutie-pie is Charlie's brother,
Moose, who also got his picture sent to
us on his birthday. Thanks for
remembering us in the birthday
celebrations! Who could resist a face like
this? ....
....apparently not Stacy's new baby
Makenna. Makenna and Moose are
already best friends, and Moose sneaks in
everytime Stacy tries to get a picture of
her beautiful baby girl.
Really Moose, you just need to learn to
relax a little bit. Happy Birthday
Charlie and Moose. Thanks for making
your families so happy.
Samantha is one of Riley's girls, and she has a
powerhouse personality. Seen here taking a bone from
her big brother, there is no question who the boss of
this family is.
This is Peanut all
grown up and
looking like a
pumpkin. Peanut is
the cute smooth
chocolate dapple
puppy on the
"colors and
patterns" page, and
as you can see, he's
just as cute now.
A post-Thanksgiving walk - or roll - on a
beautiful day is a wonderful idea for
baby and beast.
If I told you I was going to show you a picture of a
Tank going through the snow, this is probably not
what you would have imagined. It looks like Tank's
reaction to his first snowfall is a postive one.
Although he lives in New Mexico, his new mom says
you can tell he's a Colorado dog.
Sparticus and Thor are two of the dogs we don't get to see
anymore since we left California for the Colorado lifestyle,
but it's good to see that both are looking very handsome,
happy and healthy in this picture. Thanks for keeping in
touch, Darlene. We miss you too!
Here are Pearl and Nugget celebrating their
second birthday with Katie and Andrew -
otherwise known as "the people who spoil us."
Pearl - looking pretty in pink!
Atticus is celebrating his first Christmas in
Massachusetts with his new family. He looks like
he's waiting for his presents to pile up under the tree.
Obvious by the look on Bailee's face, her Christmas
puppy (in the box) was a complete surprise.
Here are Bailee and Noel after they had a
chance to settle down and get acquainted.
Sonny is Jolene and Jason's third Dachshund
from us and they are also the ones who got
Noel for Jolene's little sister, Bailee. Talk
about Dachshund lovers! If they don't watch
out, they're going to end up with as many as
I have.
I guess this is what you call a
family bed! Good thing these guys
are small.
Krista reports that Coco had a "woofful
Christmas". I assume that's a good thing,
because Coco looks pretty content.
Please do not disturb
Moe while he's in
training for his new
job. He's hoping to
find employment as
one of those things
that you lay along
the bottom of your
door to keep the
cold air from
blowing in. I've seen
stuffed Dachshunds
do this before, but
Moe is so much
cuter than them.
Here is Otis (seen as a puppy on the home page) all
grown up and enjoying Puerto Vallarta with his buddy
Mr. Buttons. Otis gets around - so far he's traveled to
Canada twice, Mexico twice, Minnesota, and Oregon
and  France. He's even gone to the movies.
This good looking
guy lives happily
with Tonjia and
Dana in Clifton,
Colorado. Frankie is
five months old in
this picture, and
Tonjia reported that
he was getting
"tutored" in a few
days. Be brave,
Here is cute little Quinnie her first night in
her new home with Joan. Quinnie is making
friends with Joan's grandson, Mason. The
fact that Mason has a delicious chewy in
hand has made Quinnie feel right at home.
Here is the youngest member of Peanut's family,
Brett, and Peanut - happy together. They both
look like a couple of characters! Love those smiles!
The family recently added Tucker, one of our
sweet little chocolate and tan boys, to their happy
home, so they'll be more smiles going around.
One of my girls got her picture in the paper a while
back when she accepted and nursed a litter of orphaned
cattle dogs. Here is a beautiful mama who has opened
her heart (and belly) to a baby pig that needed her.
Pinky and the pups all fat and happy together.
We all know about the King of the
Mountain - well, here's Gracie "Queen of
the Table". Gracie's mom, Cheryl, says it's
her favorite spot.
For those of you who want some ideas about how
to properly celebrate your Dachshund's birthdays,
we would consider this spread for Atticus to be an
excellent example of a high quality birthday bash.
And you have to love a
Grandpa that gets in on the
action too!
Tank, is that anyway to treat your
loving family?
This lovely young lady is Dana, who
came from Fort Collins to visit Moose
when he was 4 weeks old. It seemed to
be love at first sight for both of them.
Here is Billy the Kid using his long body
to keep a dog his mom was pet sitting
from sitting next to her. Billy didn't
know it yet, but he was getting a little
brother named Quincy from us, so he has
had to learn to share her just a little bit.
"If I sit like this long
enough, you will give me
a treat, right?"
Anyone have time for a belly rub?
Apparently Delila has
become quite a good
baby-sitter. The Matticks
family reports that she
follows behind her friend's
nine month old baby to clean
up any crumbs he might drop,
and she also tries to help take
care of him. This is a picture
of the two of them in his crib.
She will sit in there with him
and push toys or a bottle to
him if he gets fussy...
...but even the best nanny needs a little
quiet time to herself.
The Hood family surprised their two girls
with this beautiful pup. The girls named
her Lizzy, and from this picture it looks
like they all loved each other from the
very start.
Here's little Lizzy all grown up and
celebrating her first holiday season with
her new family.
Moose, Lori and Bear all together and
looking pretty darn happy. Thanks to
Lori and her daughter, Dana, for coming
down to get their very handsome boys
and giving Lizzy a ride to the Denver
area for us.
Here is Donkey Dave recouperating from a broken leg,
which was bad news for everybody except Bear, who
now has a wonderful, warm nap spot while Dave
keeps his leg elevated.
"Who me? Chewing on your
shoe?!? What makes you think
that?" says Moose as he tries to
look very innocent...
... and the act works, because
Dana just can't resist loving him.
Spot and his sister Charlotte
and Grandma Stephanie
hanging out together in
... and getting a little
one-on-one snuggle
time with Charlotte.
Rusty's family is getting ready to move to
Las Vegas, and appartently Rusty and his
kitty brother aren't taking any chances about
being left behind.
Here's Tank playing with his buddies on his
birthday. I see a barbeque tool with them ... I
wonder if they're manning the grill? Hot dog!
Here is Bear with his new vet, Dr. Christine Horst in
Golden, Colorado. His check-up and shot went fine
(he's very brave), and he apparently has a lot of new
friends at the clinic - kisses for everybody, on the
house! You've got to love a vet who will take time out
of her busy schedule for a photo-op.
Looks like Lizzy wins the Soggy
Doggy contest today - but it doesn't
look like she's too happy about it.
Dexter and Michelle are having a good
time just hanging out together. Both of
them have grown so much since I last
saw them.
Moose and Bear get to join in
the Dana's graduation
celebration. Congratulations
Dana - we're all proud of you.
Even as long as Rusty is, his family said it was difficult for
him to be in all four states at once because he isn't quite
wide enough. Give yourself a few years, Rusty.
We all seem to get wider as time goes by.
Moving out of state can be a long drive, but
it's easier if you can take your favorite things
with you - like your cat friend and his house.
You guys sure you know where
you're going? I think we were
supposed to take a right back there.
It's so nice to have a snuggle pal in the
morning while the little woman gets up to
fix you both a nice breakfast....
... but some of us prefer to go out
once in a while for our meals.
You take the high road and I'll take the low
road....wait, we're Dachshunds - we'd
better both take the low road!
What a wonderful surprise! This
picture of Bailey from
Sacramento, Ca. arrived and I
thought I was looking at a young
Mocha. Bailey is Mocha's son,
and has the same looks and
apparently the same loving
temperament that his dad has.
Now the family is hoping for a
girlfriend for Bailey. If he's like
his dad in that respect, Bailey
will love having a beautiful
companion too.
Frodo likes to frolic!
Wanna kiss a fuzzy face?
Got time for some tummy rub action?
Come on, you know you want to
The unknown Dachshund.
Swimming is fun for a while....
...but I need a break now. My legs
are little, you know.
Cute Quincy looking very
happy in his new home
with Gayle and big brother
Billy the Kid.
Celty waited for Shroder from the day he was born.
Looks like a match made in Heaven.
Moose, Buzz and Emmy appeared on
some 2009 calenders. Here's one of the
shots the photographer took of them.
To get more information, please call
(970) 565-9848 or email
Fuzzy face Marvin is all settled in with his new
family in Texas, and cuter than ever. His mom,
Mary, reports that she took him to the
Dachshund Races to socialize with others, and
he was so popular that people were standing in
line to pet him. I can see why - if I saw this face
out in public, I'd have to say hello to him too.
Maggie and Charlie seen here on
Charlie's second birthday. Waiting
expectantly for cake and ice cream,
Doing dishes.....................................ironing....................................................washing.......................................................................drying......................
....................waiting to go on a trip, or waiting for the new baby to arrive - a Dachshund's work is never done.
But there's always time for play too.
I even like mine plain.
Moe, Kevin, Kathleen and new baby Aidan
arriving home together for the first time.
Here's Moe making sure that baby Aidan is being
properly cared for....
...and it looks like he's going to take his new job as big
brother very seriously.
Here are a few pictures from a gathering at the vet clinic where I conducted obedience and puppy
socialization classes. A very fun get-together of with some of our extended doxie family.
Checking each other out
Zoey doing some agility
Teaching the dogs the hand signal
for "stay" at our weekly playgroup.
Our Jody getting love from Pam and Becky, while
their doxies, Suli and Roz, socialize with the others.
This is what Ellie Mae's mom calls her    
"homie" picture.    S'up girl?
We all know
about Frosty
the Snowman,
well - here's
Rusty with the
Snowmen. Is
there a song in
Snickers certainly didn't waste
any time snuggling in and
becoming a member of the
Demooy family.
Pumpkin would have
been born on
Halloween, but she
decided to stay in the
birth canal for 18
hours instead. I sat
up all night waiting
for her to come out,
and our vet helped us
get her out.  She was
worth the wait!
Lizzy's family made her a very tasty-looking cake
for her birthday.
Probably best if you don't light that candle, though.
What's nice about little Dachshunds is that
they fit almost anywhere.
Hey, does that  pink guy think he can
keep up with us?
Lots of kisses to go around.
They just keep coming back for more! With their
third Sunset Dachshund, Marianne and Willard are
finally outnumbered.
What do you mean "I'm too young to write
my memoirs"?! Give me some paper
Everybody loves Blondie....
If you really want me to fetch,
let's start with a smaller stick.
Kobold and Rilke after a half mile hike.
That's in 2.4 miles in dog years!
Surprise, it's
Cute couple.
Bear made it to the top of his first 13er with
Lori and Dave. Although he is a seasoned
hiker, I don't think he did it without help.
I'm pretty sure
I'd be a good
driver if I
could just see
over the
steering wheel.
Carolyn and Kobold
windsurfing in
Michigan, even
though the water was
very cold
Apparently the only thing Chloe had trouble with
in obedience class was wearing her graduation hat.
It doesn't happen often, but these guys have lost
the long nose contest today.
Ah, come on
Abby! There is a
limit to how cute
you are allowed
to be.
Noah and his new
boy - both look
pretty happy to be
Amy is happy to be
able to take Beau to
work with her
everyday, although it
doesn't look like
anybody actually gets
any work done
Blondie got to go for a weekend stay at a luxury
hotel. I don't know if she was checking for
chocolates on the pillows or making sure the maid
did her job, but she is putting her all into the job.
What's this? Appetizer? Oh man, that smells so good.
Mikayla and Oscar both have beautiful, soulful
eyes in this picture. You can see the love!
...but for them to give her a special parking
spot? Now that's terrific!
If you're going to crate both of them, at least
give the child a sandwich.
Two girls getting their beauty sleep.