Sunset Dachshunds
"If you've never owned a dachshund, no explanation is possible.
If you have owned a dachshund, no explanation is necessary" B. Archuleta

At Sunset Dachshunds in southwest Colorado, we pride ourselves in raising top quality AKC/ACA mini-Dachshunds. We think our dogs are
beautiful, of course, but the focus of our breeding is on health and disposition. Our family has raised dachshunds for over 30 years. Our
dachshunds have proven to be above average in long, healthy lives and are well known for their loving dispositions and wonderful temperaments.
We specialize in long hair and wire coat doxies.
You can see our adults and available pups on the following pages, as well as read our guarantee.

We raise mini-dachshunds because we love the breed for their qualities of intelligence, loyalty, cleanliness and their fun-loving nature. Dachshunds
are highly loving and affectionate, and their small size makes them ideal for those with limited living space. As a companion, it is hard to find one as
fun and fulfilling as a dachshund. They have lively and playful personalities, and are extremely devoted. Mini-Dachshunds are currently the
second most popular small breed dog according to AKC registrations, and they are ranked 7th in popularity of all breeds. They are small in size, yet
big of heart. Dachshunds are not nervous or yappy like some small dogs are, but are very friendly and loving. When well-bred and well cared for,
they are a very healthy breed. They are excellent pets, very entertaining and spunky, and easily become part of a loving family.

Our dogs are beloved members of our family, and receive the very best in nutrition and care. The mothers are in top condition so that they are
physically and emotionally prepared to produce the best litters possible. We feed top quality food, as well as raw meats and vegetables for
optimum health. Our pups are home raised with lots of love, sunshine and fresh air. Our dogs are DNA tested and guaranteed to be healthy and
well-socialized. Most of our pups have AKC championship lines but our focus is breeding wonderful pups with loving dispositions.

We moved to Colorado from California, where we owned and operated a thriving doggie day care, so that we could focus all our attention on our
dogs. I hold a Master's degree in Behavioral Science and am a Certified Massage therapist, currently working with abused and rescued dogs.
I am certified through AKC as a Canine Good Citizen Evaluator,  teach obedience and conduct a
weekly puppy socialization class and play group.

I take great pride in producing pups that are cute, gentle and friendly. They are handled and loved from the day they are born,
and are a part of our family. The pups are socialized and exposed to a wide variety of situations that they are likely to encounter in their lives,
so that before being placed they are confident and playful. In the past we have had a yearly reunion for all our pups, and are proud
to know that they are so well loved and cherished by their families.

We do not ship our puppies or take deposits.
This site is for informational purposes, to give you an idea about what we do and why we do it.
We would want you to meet the pup and make sure there is a love connection before you buy.

On this page are various shots of some of our dogs in their daily activities. If you are interested in learning more about our dogs,
please contact us at 970-565-9848 or                                                      
. I would be happy to answer any questions you have
regarding this breed and to help you in your search for the right puppy for you. If you live outside our area and decide to get a
pup from us, it's possible that we can meet you part-way for a small cost. If you would like to contact our vet or current families
of our pups, we will happily provide references upon your request.
Hope you enjoy visiting our website! Thanks - Anna Westphal.
Little dog, big drinker.
This is a picture from the 2008 "Dachshunds" calender, which
featured our very handsome Mocha for the month of October. He
is has been on at least one Dachshund calender every year for the
past 10 years. Many of our dogs have been calender dogs, and we
are very proud of our photogenic pups. Mocha has always been a
favorite of photographers.
Kids and pups - a great combination - during one of
our Dachshund reunion barbeques.
Kitty love - Lil Elmo, our dogs' favorite squeaky
Little bundles of joy - grandbaby Nicolas and
some puppies almost ready to go to their new
Playtime on the trampoline - Mocha, Ricci Bleu and Casey
in the foreground, and that's Opie marching in the rear.
A mother's love and tummy rubs - these are things that
make a happy puppy.
Walking in the Wiener Wonderland. We didn't
have this stuff called snow in California, but we
love it.
Let's hear it for the Doxie Party Bus! Maybe coming
to a town near you!!!
Summertime means finding a good way to cool off.....
...although some ways are not quite as effective as
Puppies come running for treats...
..but everyone learns that they must wait for
their turn.
We celebrate birthdays....
...and holidays!
Happy Halloweenie....
and Happy Howl -a-days.
But our favorite times are just kickin' back with
a toy..
..and hanging out with our family and
Sometimes our friends don't feel like hanging out
with us...
..but when they do, it's
Sometimes you're the kisser....
...and sometimes you're the kissee. Girls love me!
After a long day of play, we like to relax together ...
...or stretch out and take a little nap.
It's nice to have someone to snuggle with...
.. but sometimes there is only room for one.
This is the puppy playroom and whelping room where all
the pups are born. When there aren't any babies, everyone
gets to enjoy the nursery. This is a picture of the dogs in
one of their favorite activities - a scavenger hunt. They
love using their noses to find a goodie.
Here are the adults in their playroom. This room opens up
into the Wiener Wonderland outside play area, and this is
where the adults sleep at night. I put extra heat lamps over
their futon, because the nights here are sometimes cool.
If you come by to see us, we'll
always have lots of smiles for you..
...even though some of them
might be silly ones.
We'll shake your hand and
welcome you to our home,
and sit and talk with you for
as long as you like....
... and even though we
might not understand
everything you say, we
are always happy to
meet new friends.
To get more information, please call (970) 565-9848 or
Little legs, big hearts.
Diet? We don't
need no
stinking diets!!
Sunset Dachshunds is
inspected and approved by
American Kennel Club
Happy hour at Sunset Acres. I hope that's a fine
German beer the dogs are enjoying.
Spring 2019. Beautiful after all our
snow during the winter.
Welcome to Doxie-land!