Sunset Dachshunds
FAQ and Guarantee

                                        Contract of Sale and Guarantee
I, Anna Westphal, being the owner of Sunset Dachshunds, hereafter called Seller, agree to sell to ________, hereafter
called the Buyer, one _________Reg#_______ dachshund from the litter sired by ________ out of ______and
whelped ________ subject to the following conditions:

1) The buyer agrees to pay the sum of $575 to the seller, this sum being the total cash price.

2) The seller guarantees that the dachshund has no present medical conditions and has his/her first vaccine.

3) The buyer agrees to provide any future medical and/or health requirements, including future vaccinations.
The buyer also agrees that the purchased dachshund will be properly cared for in all ways including
grooming, exercise, feeding, proper training and continued socialization.

4) The buyer agrees to limit exposure to unknown dogs until all vaccinations are complete,
to not allow the puppy to roam unsupervised in an unfenced area, and to take all reasonable precautions to
keep the puppy safe.

5) The buyer may, at his/her option and expense, have the purchased dachshund's health examined after
purchase by a veterinarian. If the vet finds the puppy to be unhealthy and unfit for sale, the pup can be
returned and seller agrees to refund 100% of purchase price paid.

6) The above-mentioned dachshund is guaranteed by the seller to be free from life-threatening hereditary
disease visible by the age of 12 months. Should the puppy show visible signs of hereditary disease as
documented by a vet, the buyer is entitled to refund of purchase price or choice of the next available
litter of puppies.
Pups are checked at 8 weeks of age by our vet if any issues are apparent (such as
over-bite or testicles not descended yet) the buyer will be informed of such before the purchase.
Non-health related problems of this sort that might develop at a later age are not covered in this
guarantee. While we strive to produce pups that are genetically sound, there are sometimes problems
of this nature that happen normally in any dog population.

7) The buyer states that he or she is not purchasing this dachshund for breeding purposes, but that it is
being purchased as a family pet.
As such, all puppies will be sold with limited AKC registration or
ACA registration, unless otherwise requested by buyer.
It is recommended that the puppy
be spayed or neutered between the ages of 7 and 9 months. Unlimited registration will be granted
on an individual basis if requested, and subject to the following conditions. If the puppy will be used to
produce litters, these conditions must be met:
The buyer agrees that the puppy (male) will not be used as a stud before 14 months of age or bred (female)
before her second heat. The buyer agrees that if bred, no progeny of the puppy shall be sold to pet shops,
nor in litter lot sales, nor to persons engaged in the sale of animals to commercial establishments or held for raffles.

8. The buyer agrees that he/she will not sell or transfer ownership of the above mentioned dachshund
to any agent whose intention is to use the dachshund for breeding purposes without first affording the
seller an opportunity to repurchase said dachshund from buyer.

9. The buyer may return the puppy to the seller for any reason within the first 30 days of purchase
and be refunded the full purchase price of the puppy, minus a $40 dollar fee to replace supplies sent
home with the puppy.

10. If the owner for any reason can no longer keep an adult dog and if we are unable at that time to take the dog
back at that time, we will attempt to help you find a new home with someone on our waiting list. When you have
a Sunset Dachshund, we are here to support you for the life of your dog.
1. Where the heck are you located? We are in the southwest corner of
Colorado. We are kind of in the middle of no where. If it is not possible for you to
make a trip here, we will attempt to meet
you closer to your home for a small extra
depending on how far we are driving and if the drive requires an overnight
stay for us

How much are your pups? $575, any coat/color/gender. Worth every penny.

Do you take deposits or ship your puppies? Nope. We want to meet you
and have you meet your puppy before we take any money from you.

. What is your guarantee? Here you go: